Our MOB of emu at Sink Hollow Farm

**Unfortunately, settpo-0 has a posting listed on eBay that is using a photo of OUR emu chick that we hatched!  I have reported settpo-0 who is apparently from Beecher, IL.  What a crazy world!

Our first white emu chick!!!
Our first white emu chick!!!

EMU CHICK Availibility:



We have standard, blonde and white emu chicks. 


When chicks hatch and are available we will post on our Facebook page.  


We do NOT ship, nor do we sell or ship hatching eggs.  We do not take pre-payment on emu chicks.  They are to be paid for in full upon pick-up, cash.  No checks.


We hope for pick up as soon as possible.  Once we contact you, we will work to make pick-up arrangements, but, if you are not ready or you need extra time, we will move on in the list.  

Miscellaneous photos of our mob.

We have 5 emu at this time.  Our line-up:

The Howells - (Thurston & Lovey), Gilligan, The Professor, and Skipper