Our MOB of emu at Sink Hollow Farm

Spring 2023 Sterling High School FFA will be hatching eggs, which will begin to hatch around March 21, 2023.  We also have our incubator at home fired up and have eggs incubating now!  Hatching at home should begin around April 19, 2023



Our first white emu chick!!!
Our first white emu chick!!!

2023 EMU CHICK Pricing:


$200 = Standard Color


$400 = Blonde Color


$600 = White Color  


If you are interested in being placed on our waiting list, please send a message to sinkhollowfarm@live.com


We do NOT ship, nor do we sell or ship hatching eggs.  We do not take pre-payment on emu chicks.  They are to be paid for in full upon pick-up, cash.  No checks.


Due to a long waiting list, we hope for pick up as soon as possible.  Once we contact you, we will work to make pick-up arrangements, but, if you are not ready or you need extra time, we will move on in the list.  

Miscellaneous photos of our mob.

We have 5 emu at this time.  Our line-up:

The Howells - (Thurston & Lovey), Gilligan, The Professor, and Skipper