Welcome to Sink Hollow Farm

PLEASE DO NOT JUST SHOW UP!  This is our private residence.  If we want to schedule a visit, we will do so ahead of time.


Our farm is located in northwest Illinois on a 7-acre farmette. We have many critters, and they are all near and dear to us.  


Please inquire if you are interested or have any questions.




We were honored to have a beautiful article written about our farm.  It appeared in the Dixon Living magazine; written by Andrew Hey.

Nahla, Abby, and Murphy, our miniature Australian Shephards.
Nahla, Abby, and Murphy, our miniature Australian Shephards.

Our farm also includes many other critters.  Pictured to the right is Nahla, Abby, and Murphy.  They are miniature Australian Shepherds and we love them!  


Our barn cats do their job with keeping the mice at a minimum!  We have adorable fainting goats.  What farm doesn't need a fainting goat?  A variety of poultry can be seen and heard.  We have Royal Palm turkeys and beautiful peafowl.  Our miniature donkeys keep a watchful eye over all our farm with the help of our emu!   


We love our life at Sink Hollow Farm!

We have worked hard to enjoy all the animals we have "collected" over the past 10+ years.  We hope you enjoy our web page.  Please view us on Facebook as:  Sink Hollow Farm