Terms of Sale


A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required per goat to reserve your goat.  Once your deposit  is received the web page will be marked at reserved.  The easiest way for payment is by Paypal "Send money to friends and family" to sinkhollowfarm.com and please note in the remarks deposit for - and describe the buck/doe you are providing payment for.



Until the money is received, they will be marked as "On Hold".  The will be on hold temporarily.  If there are other inquiries on the same goat you are interested in you will lose your hold on the goat.


We will notify you when the goat is available for pick up which will be approximately 8 weeks of age.  Please arrange to  pick up your goat or goats 2 weeks after that.  If the goats are not picked up after 30 days.  We will place them back up 4-Sale and your deposit is not-refundable.


Most goats/kids may be registered with MGR.  Please inquire for price.


Buyer is responsible for the fees of requested health papers and testing.



Harvey's Hoppers Rabbitry has rabbits available for sale from time to time.  Pricing for the Flemish Giants begins at $50.00 and up.  Pedigree is available with each rabbit unless we are selling the rabbit as pet quality. 



E-mail sinkhollowfarm@live.com or call if you have questions.815-871-8847 or 815-499-1374.