We established our rabbitry in 2012.  We are proud to be members of the ARBA.  We breed for correct confirmation and brilliance in color of our breeds. 


Our focus is in light gray Flemish Giants and Elglish Spots.  Our variety of colors with the spots include black, blue, chocolate, and lilac.  We love the Flemish as they truly are gentle giants.  They have diverse and great personalities.  The spots are awesome too!  Always curious and love to run the table!


We look forward to many future kindles and raising quality show rabbits.  Please inquire with Randy or Cathe (815)871-8847 if you are looking for a specific breed, color, or type.  We will offer a variety of rabbits for sale throughout the year. Please inquire if you are interested in purchasing any spot rabbits.  We will be happy to put together packages for you.


See you at the rabbit shows!!!


Light Gray Flemish Giant
Light Gray Flemish Giant

We breed for confirmation and color. LOVE those big flemish giants! We breed light gray flemish giants.  We also have Sandy, Fawn, white, and steel Flemish giants.

The Flemish Giant is a very gentle giant. Known for their size, our flemish average approximately 16 to 20 pounds.


We breed for a variety of colors in spots. We currently have: Black, Blue, Chocolate, and Lilac.

The English Spot is a beautiful variety of running rabbit. They are known for their curious and loving nature.